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Congratulations to Jeff and Kathi Creamer of Lazy JB Angus from Montrose, Colorado, for being chosen the 2023 Angus Herdsmen of the Year.
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Congratulations to Gale L. and Cynthia Haynes, Holyoke; Jason D Koberstein, Holyoke; Huwa Cattle Co, Roggen; Spruce Mountain Ranch, LLC, Larkspur; Diamond Peak Cattle Co, Craig; Amen Angus Farms Inc, Iliff; Parry Angus, Sterling; Loya/Wardell Angus, Platteville and McConnell Angus, Fort Collins for being in the top 10 recorders in the State of Colorado of Angus Cattle in the AAA fiscal year 2022.

Going Above and Beyond

Sharing their dedication to ranching earns the Walter family the 2022 CAB Ambassador Award.

Story and photos by Jessica Travis, Certified Angus Beef

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